Use our all-new DVD program to sculpt the body you want

When you order Men's Health 10-MINUTE TORCHERS, you'll receive 3 DVDs that combine to give you a revolutionary new way to work out at home. With this cutting-edge program, you can:

Create your own workout

Prepare to enter the TORCHER CHAMBER! In Disc 1, you get to pick your poison by choosing from any of our 12 fast and furious TORCHERS. The best part: Six of the TORCHERS are body-weight workouts—no equipment!— while the other six require just one pair of dumbbells. (As a general recommendation, a pair of 15- to 25-pound dumbbells works well for most people.)

Start by choosing your first routine. As soon as you're done, you'll be asked if you want to do another. You can stop at a “single,” or catch your breath and keep TORCHING! Our easy-to-use menu allows you to seamlessly move from one routine to the next.

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10-Minute Torchers: Disc 1

Follow the 10-Week Fat Torch

When creating this program, we asked a simple question: How can both couch-bound beginners and well-trained fitness fanatics use the same plan? We looked to video games for the answer. The result: levels!

In the 10-WEEK FAT TORCH, you'll find five 14-day workout plans that become increasingly more difficult as you advance from Level 1 to Level 5.

If you're just starting out, you can start with Level 1, which gives you a 10-minute-a-day training guide to rev up your metabolism and boost your baseline fitness.

In Level 2, you'll move to a mix of 20- and 10-minute workouts—great for those who are new to metabolic workouts or who are simply strapped for time.

Level 3 is where the real fun starts: The fittest folks begin here and work their way through Levels 4 and 5. In all, this provides a 6-week fat-burning firestorm that'll leave you absolutely TORCHED!

10-Minute Torchers: Disc 2

Experience the Ultimate Torcher

In Disc 3, you can select from a metabolic menu of made-for-you workouts: 25 ULTIMATE TORCHERS! These calorie-crushing combinations, designed to fit any situation or goal, range from 20 to 60 minutes. (We even have one extra special 90-Minute challenge.) You'll get to experience:

  • The Rise and Shine Torcher (20 minutes): Wake up and TORCH!
  • The Guns and Buns Torcher (30 minutes): You'll be sore in all the right places!
  • The Fat-Punishing Torcher (30 minutes): Give belly flab what it deserves!
  • The Super Sweat Torcher (30 minutes): Make sure you have a mop handy!
  • The Brutal Body-Weight Torcher (60 minutes): It lives up to its name!
10-Minute Torchers: Disc 3

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